A High-Balance Conventional Non-Conforming Mortgage is defined as a conventional mortgage in which where the original loan amount exceeds the conforming loan limits published annually by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). HOWEVER the loan amount does not exceed the loan limit for the high-cost area in which the mortgaged property is located, as specified by the FHFA. The new 2019 High-Balance Conventional Non-Conforming Loan limit for Ventura County has been increased to $713,000.00 for a single family “primary residence”.
high-balance conventional - ventura mortgage

Please Note: In addition to standard property valuation and eligibility requirements, High-Balance Mortgage Loans may also subject to the following appraisal requirements:

    • A field review appraisal may be required in addition to the full appraisal report.


  • The property value is greater than $1,000,000 and the Loan To Value / Total Loan To Value exceeds 75%.

Additionally, if a field review appraisal is required, the “value” to determine maximum LTV/TLTV ratios and eligibility is to be calculated using the lower of the value determined by the original appraisal or the value determined by the field review appraisal. For more information, please contact Kenny Minkel @ his direct # (805) 320-7898, or via E-mail @ Kenny@CoastPro.net